Sunday, February 10, 2013

Learning to be Ladies

Today, or rather yesterday since it has already passed 12 midnight, was what we Chinese call it Nian Chu Yi, the very first big day of our Lunar New Year. It's supposed to be a day full of red, luck, laughters, cheeriness, respect, goodness, righteousness and whatever positive things. However...

My dad got into a small little accident. On our way home from my ah ma's house, as he was in the midst of making a three-point turn, a white car SPED past the tip of his car, as it wasn't able to stop in time. Luckily, our car only suffered minor surface injury while the car AT FAULT suffered from some parts of its car shell jutting out or what. My dad didn't want to blow things up and just admitted it was ALL his fault and told the ass driver to he would pay for the repair expenses. (Too nice btw)

I felt that the other driver, who was really rude and kept insisting that she had the stupid right of way as it was a straight road (it isn't exactly a straight road you arse, it's a bend), should at least be partly liable for the accident cause if she was not speeding on a road bend of a speed limit of 50km/h or even less, none of this shit ass thing should happen. All I want to say is I hope she will learn her lesson soon. Not to speed in your brother's ugly sports car wannabe at night and claiming that you always have the right of way because life is not perfect. Sometimes, you do not get everything that you want. And when you are partly at fault, just admit it. There's really no big deal acknowledging your mistakes and saying sorry. Which btw, makes me feel sorry for you parents because I can imagine you shouting at your parents, claiming that you own your body and hence you have your own "right of way" to control your body and do whatever you want and your parents should not be telling you what to do. And I feel sorry for your brother too cuz well, it's his car!!! hahaha.

AND, if it happens to be a person crossing the road at that point of time, she'll probably in the headlines soon. So, I hope God or someone mighty enough will make her learn her lesson, so that entails her getting into a major accident... (Yes, maybe the world can sacrifice a chicken who is crossing the road to make this moron learn her lesson.)

AND, I don't know if I should have spoken up for my parents. Like pointing it out that she was speeding even if she had that idiotic right of way. I always blame myself for not standing up when my family members get chided in public. Instead of just mocking at those eggheads at the side of the road.... Idiots

All in all, everyone please please drive safely and may my whole family be well safe and healthy every day.

Today, at my ah ma house, I'm a little bit pissed off by this kaching of mine. She has got this super duper dark face as if every one present owed her money. She just sat there at the corner watching tv all day and pissing off at everyone. like wth. No wonder she got divorced and even was/is on bad terms with her mum. I mean for goodness sake, this ass goes to church. And what was so nice about tv? it's not even value-added tv programs that were showing just now. No wonder this gal works her ass off every day. I hope she can learn to smile at people and respect every one. I mean, at the least during cny or at people who didn't piss her off. If not, she might just end up all alone.

Well, actually I might just end up forever alone but that's just another piece of story for another day...:,(

Sigh. I hope karma really do happen or exist cus that's my only way of hoping that there is at least some form of justice for the innocents out there in this world where every one says "life is unfair"

Till then,
world peace every one!:) Happy every day!:) Happy cny!:)


Friday, February 8, 2013

Dong Dong Qiang!

Lol, it's been a long while seen I've posted.
I mean not that anyone reads this but still...
Recently, I've been addicted to 1D's new song. It's so catchy!
Chinese New Year's finally coming soon after much anticipation from me.
But it's always the anticipation and preparation that I like. The eagerness and the "expecting it" that are the most exciting so I'm kinda sad that it's all going to be over soon:(
I think this year's celebrations is kinda diff. I mean, my mum is more enthu than ever in decorating our house with REDS and buying all those cny goodies. Just take a look below and you'll know

And we've been out almost all weekend nights looking at flowers:)
So, happy cny people! Cherish your time together with your families and friends:)
Rossssss on FRIENDS:

To love...
Ahhhhhh love....
L.O.V.E love
L is for Life! And what is life without love?
O is for... OH WOW!
The V is for this Very surprising turn of events. Which I am still fine with btw.
Eeeeeee! Is for how Extremely normal I find it. That you two are together. And that one day you might get married. And have children of your own.
I'm sorry. It must be the pressure of entertaining...:(
Till then