Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Diary

Today's agenda

Woke up at about 10am
Watched BBT:), Big Daddy(Awesome!)
Watched Night at the Museum II
Went Lot 1 to borrow The Lucky One, source idea for card making, bought a stack of coloured paper after remembering that I lent mine to Xuean for art & craft in feiyue:(((
Bought Mom's birthday cake (Cake sucks!)
Did Mom's birthday card while listening to Muttons on the Move (Gosh! I miss them so much!)
Did the card while trying to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic when Mom came home.
Birthday dinner for mom at ITE porsh restaurant.
Finished card once back home.
Cake and card/present time.
Brush teeth
Now: Blogging, FB & wki
Awesome day.
Hope everyday would be like this!

Love you,

Thursday, December 16, 2010


OMG. I can't believe why I did so badly in our last training and the match against rjc ytd. I'm such a big girl and everyone kept asking me to be stronger and stronger. Im kinda like wasting away my body and all the gym pumping up sessions that I've been forcing myself to pull thru? What the bloody hell am I'm doing?!

Gosh, I am so sad with myself. I could almost literally cry aft training. I dunno what just happened to me? Maybe I'm really just too tired from all the trainings and pt stuff? I'm really not performing up to par! Or is it becus of my pulled muscle, two blisters, and the bad ankle? Argggggggghhhhhhhhhh?!
What just happened. Gosh, I needa pull up my socks and buck up during this two weeks of break. I need to.

Ohoh, or is it becus my other teamates weren't there for me? I mean, I feel kinda uneasy without charis, mk, cheryn choo, qiu ru and silvana. It just doesnt feel like a team without them and when playing tgt with the seniors. Like real weirdD:

Uh-oh, I seriously need to figure what is happening. God, pls help me.
Thank you.

Happy Holidays!!!!:D

I love you all,