Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Soccer Training - 1st Nov

Well, today's training was fun once again! I mean which training hasn't been fun?:)
But today, coach took notice of me. Probably becus he realised that a right hander like me can actually kick with her left leg well:) This kinda made me happy of course. But i still think i did really badly in the match. I dunno. If you ask me to do drills, i can practise and practise and be very good at it. But if you put me on the pitch and play, I'll forget all abt the drills that we've learnt and anyhow kick.
Well, recently, there's some improvements actually. But that's like such a rare chance. Sigh, I need to train more often i guess!
HCGS for the win!!!!:D
Jiayou everyone!
Thrash SA this sat!!!:) We can do it!!!:)
Just B.E.L.I.E.V.E

With lots of love and kisses,