Saturday, May 29, 2010

OpSmile Carnival+Interact Installation

First off was Interact Installation...
last night, i slept early in my home clothes and didnt brush my teeth, with the radio on all nite. woke up at about 4pm,(No, screw it, i mean 4am!!!) couldnt print the stupid things that i wanted to print cuz the printer was screwed up and i needed ink cartridge but couldnt find. I wonder who's that stupid idiot who hid the ink cartridge! Haiz...!

then teddy bear today was super smart and cute and handsome!!And i got so scared and frightened (I think i didnt mean scared and frightened! i'm not crazy over him to that extent luh! Should be more of sad and depressed kind of thing! yeah:O ) when he left and i knew that i wont be able to see them and teddy bearD:

Teddy bear is really awesome kay!!!! I'm so sad that I didnt go and run for vp post! It'll be oh-i-cant-imagine-what-life-will-be-like kind of thing! Haiz! All the best teddy bear for your As! Jiayou! You've been an awesome figure to me!!! I'll miss you when you leave!!! I'll miss the senior exco when they leave!!! I'll miss all the interaft seniors when they leave!!! They've been great and caring and funny seniors! Couldnt be better! I've had so much fun and fond memories with them!! Thanks for making my life in hci so memorable and enjoyable!!! Hope next year's interact would be as fantastic as this year or even better! All the best to my batch's exco and interact members though i really cant see anything positive about themD: But go adalyn!!!:D

Opsmile carnival next!!!
WE EARNED 20K?!?!?!
NO, RYAN CHER'S DAD DONATED 10K AND BOUGHT 5K WORTH OF COUPON. SO, I THINK, ALL OF US ARE KINDA CHEATED BY THE FIGURE. I think we only earned about 5K, subtracting the donations from ryan's family. which is kinda sad. why did ryan keep it from us? All of us?!?! Even angela kay!!! Ewwwwww, i feeel like a loser. we raised so little funds!!!
But i know, it isn't the money that counts! It's the thoughts, the fun that we had and the so many smiles and new friends that we made along the way. I know it's been a tough process for the carwash commitee especially ryan cher, lester leong, edwin loh, caleb(Eeek! So cute!), yiying and esteeeee!(My bestie!!) So, i really wanna thank them for such awesome wondrous efforts from them! They are incredible mannnn!
I totally enjoyed myself on that day!!! Though it was really tiring washing the cars under the hot stupid sweltering sun and irritating to see so many people actually slacking away when they are actually supposed to do their carwash duties. but there were really a group of dedicated and hardworking volunteers who really seriously took their jobs. whether it is traffic control, carwash or manning the booths such as jeraldine yap(Ooops! Cant believe i'm actually complimenting her! Ohhh, wadever:O ), Goh ying siu, geng yu, noon teo, yen my, cheng yan, qian yi, the candy floss girls, the dunking machine guys, subhas, brendon and his bunch of friends, volunteers from RI (And i mean, all of them!!! Really!) I cant thank them enough for their hardwork throughout the day! You guys rock mannn!!! God will reward you!!!:) Thanks a lot!!!
Slackers like preston might as well just quit operation smile. bleh! you suck thru a straw.
Okay, so, i think the carnival was really a meaningful thing and hopefully we can continue the legacy next year. now, it's time for our last event, metamorphosis!!! Our concert!!! Jiayou concert comm! Let's do it well and raise lots of funds for our opsmile patients!!! Let's go!!!! (Thought i doubt it....:O )
Changing lives one smile at a time!

Lotsa Love,