Friday, June 11, 2010

Joey's Broken Fridge

Joey: "Well, the fridge broke, so I had to eat everything."
Joey:"Look, okay. Suppose we are, uh, a divorced couple. And i got the custody of the kid. Now, suppose the kid dies. And i gotta buy a new kid. GIVE ME 400 DOLLARS!!!"
Chandler to Ross: "Then you distract her(Elizabeth) with a Barbie doll!"
Joey to Ross:"Or, you can just... You know you know... BANG!" *Pushes Ross onto his fridge*

Monday, June 7, 2010


Just watched the Killers with my lovely friends! & I can say, it's awesome mannn!!!
Ashton Kutcher was totally hawt and cute in the movie! I could kill for such a hot bod like his!!! And katherine heigl, katherine heigl was incredibly cute and stunning and funny and adorable in her role as just Jen with her fear for guns and her nervous smiles. Ohhh and she looks real good in those nice nice dresses especially the first white dress! Mannn, and ashton kutcher (Yeah, I mentioned him already), Spencer is so sweet, so cool, so funny sometimes, so macho and mascular and has such an extremely nice sexy butt whenever he wears those jeans that fit his bod so perfectly! I love it whenever they show him sliding his gun into the back of his jeans! Hahah! And he has such awesome nice eyes mannn!!! Those lower lid eyelashes of his!! mann, I could die looking at those shots from his eyes! And he was so damn sexy when he greeted "Bonjour" to Jen. Wow, katherine Heigl is such a lucky girl mannn!
Shitt, i'm starting to fangirl again. Garwh! Hope the two pairs of lovely birds, and the two-not-so-lonely singles enjoyed the movie and lunch-out as much as i did!!!
We'll get together sooon for another movie!!!:D Maybe Letters to Juliet, cuz i really wanna watch that!
Yup, anyways, thanks for hanging out with me and tolerating my anxiousness all the while. Hahah! Sorry, for shouting into the phone at you, walking so fast and calling you incessantly. This is one of my most high anticipated movie. So, my heart was beating very fast when we couldnt secure the tickets. Yup, so, sorry guys!
But I still love you all!:D
Till our next gathering, love each other, take care, have fun muggin, jiayou, and we'll see each other real soon!:))))

Lotsa love and kisses,

PS: Go listen to Bleed from Hot Chelle Rae. It's fantastic mann! And dont forget The Break-Up on sunday 7.30pm at channel 5! And oh yay! Soccer camp on wed!!! And yay! I havent finished my math remedial work which is by wed too! And yay! I havent started on pw or any shit work that i'm supposed to complete by the hols. like the stupid GP Issues and Ideas. Shit manz!!:( ok, gtg!!! Bye!!:D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Puppy Love!

Well, okay, you two might argue with me that it's not just some puppy teenage love between the two of you but some adulthood matured love growing, but you two just seems very unstable and immature yet! So, it's not my fault to bring out that comment kay! Bleh!!!:P

(my gosh, i just realized that the two of them have the same surname. shit lah, i heard couples who have the same surname have higher risk of having abnormal babies. shit mann. touchwood. but why did i think so far-fetched?) lolololololol.
Okay, so the two of them realy started real fast. Like, less than 5 mths? Like wth. 5mths of getting know of each other and yall are pah-tor-ing already. okay, you guys better prove to us it's a strong bond and steady love going on okay!!! i dun want yall to just play play. YYY, you better take care of XXX, or we will hack you to death. you're dead man. and XXX, dear XXX, it seems that this is your first love cuz you dun seem like a bitchy kinda girl but you better watch out kay. YYY is a super cao4 slacker in my pip group. plus i'm dun think he's the best one for you. you deserve better kay!!!
anyhow!!!! cupid chose you and accurately shot his arrows at the two of you!!! So, enjoy the lovely sweet times that yall will go thru this few months! Hold on to each other hands in times of troubles and adversity, encourage each other in times of fall/failures, a tight hug when in joy or depression, a lovely movie or two together to love each other more, a thoughtful sms in times of loneliness and just remember, we, your deary friends, we will always be there for yall!!!
if there are any quarrels, it's normal between couples kay!!! Approach us if there's any problems, since we're like classmates and ccamates or wadever. we just somehow see each other everyday. consultations with us would be free!!!!!! Muahhahahah!
Okay, so my deepest heartfelt blessings to you two love birds! Love each other deeply. console each other genuinely. touch each other gently. enjoy the times together. you will not regret it. and in times of trouble or arguments, rmb, friends are just beside you. well, if yall stop being heavycolorlightfriend!!! Teeeheee!!!
Jiayou the two LIMs!!!:D