Friday, November 27, 2009


Omg, I'm like so damn pissed off with everyone right now!!!! No, especially my parents. I mean, come on, what's the hell with them? Did i do anything wrong? Maybe it's just not me. Maybe my mum is having another of her PMS big day again. And by PMS, i mean POST-Mentrual Syndrome. I've counted it, she should have her menstruation stopped at any point of the time now. She's at about the right age. Hahah. Talking about this is gross. Hope she's dealing with it now. I don't want my brothers and i to be innocent victims of her sudden aggressive behaviour.
But i just don't get it. She's really sensitive nowadays. And by sensitive, i mean it in the negative way. You know, when people can be sensitive in a really good and caring way. and some, just in the big bad bad manner.
Well, i just lamented, "You're so picky with food!" and she just yelled at me right away there and then. Yeah, in the Jurong Point Mall.
But she really is. Picky 'bout food i mean. Come on, she only eats in certain restaurants and just doesn't wanna try western cuisine. Like she would die eating them. I don't know if i can really stand it anymore.
Man, am i the only daughter in the world who bitch about her mum in her own blog which nobody reads? hahah. I bet i am. Mean bad daughter.
I know i'll get my karma soon. Cuz i believe in it. Karma's gotta come soon!!!!!!!
Survivor is airing sooooooon! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! Go brettt! Way too hot!!!!
BYe!! Thanks loads!!!!!!!! Nighty night!:D

Oh wait. And now, she's trying to ask me to lower down the TV volume?! Hey man! She watches the TV with a volume that's waaaaaaay louder than the one that i'm watching with right now in this middle of the night and has there ever been a time that i complained to her???? N.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never ever! Not even once as far as i can remember.
Oh my god. For Lord's sake, what kind of mom is this? What kind of mom do i have???? Is this my karma again??????? OH god oh god. Ohmy.
Lord, please save me and bless me, Pleaseeeeee
Oh god, i think i'm the baddest girl in the world. Bitching bout her mother in this blog that no one would ever ever read it. even after i die. (Touchwood!)
But really, i feel so much better after talking bout all this. way much better i feel. Thanks a lot man! Blog is probably one of the best inventions in the world. Really, it is. HAHHAH!
Hope tomorrow's gonna be a better day!!!
GO4GOD!!!!! ~ Vanness Wu
Seize the Day!!!~ MR. Ang Joo Liak

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Non-feverish H1N1

Helllo dear readers!!!! Long time no seeeeeeeee!
Yea, that's right, i got the H1N1 but haven't shown any symptoms of fever. Just a bit of cough and a sore throat that has recovered. I doubt this is H1N1 at all. The Japanese Lu Mao Hospital isn't reliable i guess... Haiz...
Half of our trip was cancelled just like this... Just our luck i guess! If not, we could have gone to the theme park and played a hell lot of fun!!! But luckily, we've visited the Takachiho high school before the damn virus outbreak in our team. The guys are so damn cute at Takachiho high school man!!!! Wooohoooo!
Go SF people!!! Hope everyone's doing fine, especially Shirlynn.
And hope my family vacation to hong kong won't be affected or cancelled as well. (Touchwood!)
May God bless all of us.

Much love,